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Types Of Concretes and Unit Weight 

Types Of Concretes and Unit Weight 

Types Of Concretes and Unit Weight 

  1. Regular concrete
  2. High-strength concrete
  3. Stamped concrete
  4. High-performance concrete
  5. Self-consolidating concretes
  6. Vacuum concretes
  7. Shotcrete Pervious concrete
  8. Cellular concrete
  9. Cork-cement composites Rolle
  10. compacted concrete
  11. Glass concrete
  12. Asphalt concrete
  13. Rapid strength concrete
  14. Rubberized concrete
  15. Polymer concrete Geopolymer
  16. Green concrete Limecrete
  17. Refractory Cement
  18. Concrete cloth
  19. Innovative mixtures
  20. Gypsum concrete

Unit Weight

  • Unit Weight of RCC              2500Kg/M33
  • Unit Weight Of PCC              2400Kg / M3
  • Brick work                          1800Kg / M3
  • Soil                                    1600Kg / M3
  • Corse Aggregate                   2300Kg / M3
  • Fine Aggregate                     2350Kg / M3
  • Cement                              1440Kg / M3
  • Steel                                  7850Kg / M3
  • Stone Masonry                   2300Kg / M3
  • Cement Mortar                   2100Kg / M3

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