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Role Of Civil Engineers In Society

Role Of Civil Engineers In Society

Role Of Civil Engineers

• The main role of Civil Engineer is Land Surveying, Planning, designing, constructing, maintaining of the various types of the structures.

• To solve different engineering problems with the help of enough experience of field, numerical methods, laboratory techniques.

• To carry out soil investigations for the design of the foundations.

• To carry out the leveling and surveying and prepare map to fix the boundaries of the plots and to calculate the area and the volume.

• To fix the alignment of the various paths for making the roadways, railways.

• To carry out the planning & supervise proper the execution of the actual construction activity.

• To prepare the proper drawing, analyzing and designing the various types of the structures.

• To invite the tenders & to select contractor for the work.

• To carry out valuation of land or building for the purpose of finding its scale or purchase price or taxation.

• To fulfill the basic needs of the occupants by using fundamentals of the building planning & by the help of the various building materials.


• Inspection of project sites for progress and that standards of sanitation/ safety/ design specifications are met.

• Estimating the quantity and cost of materials and equipment needed for a project.

• Supervising construction workers at building sites

• Preparing progress reports (to explain issues and progress).

• Designing energy efficient or environmentally sound civil structures

• Analyzing survey reports, maps, drawings, blueprints, and geological data for projects..

What Is The Responsibilities Of Site Engineers

• Setting out, leveling and surveying the site.

• Checking plans, drawings and quantities for accuracy of calculations.

• Ensuring that all materials used and work performed are as per specifications.

• Overseeing the selection and requisition of materials and plant.

• Resolving technical issues with employer’s representatives, suppliers, subcontractors and statutory authorities

• Quality control in accordance with IS/procedures method statements, quality plans and inspection and test plans, all prepared by the project management team and by

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