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How To Calculate The Quantity of Cement Sand And Aggregate In Concrete Block

How To Calculate The Quantity of Cement Sand And Aggregate In Concrete Block

Here we tend to Calculate the Quantity of cement sand and aggregate in concrete block elaborated calculation given below.

How To Calculate The quantity of Cement Sand And aggregate In Concrete block

It is terribly simple to calculate what proportion is needed for the development of the block.

Concrete block floors are available in several forms and might be accustomed offer nice thermal comfort and manner blessings. Slabs will be on-ground, suspended. A block could be a structural part, product of concrete, that’s accustomed produce flat horizontal surfaces like floors, roof decks and ceilings.


Let suppose we’ve got two-way block having a length of twenty linear unit and same because the breadth of twenty linear unit and use M15 grade of concrete.

Calculate the quantity of cement, sand, and aggregate that area unit employed in a block and thickness of the block is half dozen inches?

Given date

Length = twenty linear unit

Width = 20ft

Thickness = seven inches


Calculate the quantity of the block then this volume is regenerate into a wet condition to dry condition then determine the what proportion material is needed for the block.

Total volume of block

= L x W x H

= twenty x twenty x zero.583

= 233.2 isometric feet

Convert dry volume to wet volume
Dry volume = wet volume x one.54

= 233.2 x 1.54

= 359.12 cu.f

Ratio of The Concrete (1:2:4 =7)/n Volume of The Cement

= Quantitative relation of cement / total quantitative relation x volume

= one / seven x 233.2

= 33.31 cft

Convert this volume into cement luggage.You know that one.25 cuf in one cement bag.

= 33.31 / 1.25

= 26.65 bags

Volume of Sand

= Quantitative relation of sand / total quantitative relation x volume

= two / seven x233.2

= 66.62 cft

Volume of The Aggregate

= Quantitative relation of aggregate / total quantitative relation x volume

= four / seven x 233.2

= 133.25 cft.

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