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How To Calculate The Estimate of U Shape Wall

How To Calculate The Estimate of U Shape Wall |what is U Shape Wall

How To Calculate The Estimate of U Shape Wall

Today I have the topic of How To Calculate The Estimate of U Shape Wall | Estimate of U shape Wall | what is U Shape Wall.

what is U Shape Wall?

When the two sides are formed or when two sides are the third round in wall that is called u shape wall. to make the estimate of u shape wall must know to make a straight length of all sides then we calculate the estimate of u shape wall. estimate of u shape wall means to find the all work as like excavation D.P.C bricks work and superstructure work.

Now we calculate the straight length of the u shape wall.

Lenght of u shape wall =ΠR

In this formula the

L= Lenght of the centerline of the wall

R = radius of the curve on the centerline

Given data in sketch

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Estimate of U shape wall









1 Excavation in Ordinary soil 1 14.15 0.7 0.5 4.95m3 14.15=13.75+0.70-0.30)
2 Concrete(1:4:8) 1 14.15 0.7 0.3 2.97m3
3 Bricks work in the foundation
and plinth
Step no 1 1 13.95 0.5 0.2 1.395m3
Step no 2 1 13.85 0.4 0.3 1.662m3
total 3.057m3
4 D.P.C (1:2:4) 1 13.75 0.3 4.125m3
5 Brickwork in superstructure 1 13.75 0.3 3 12.375me
6 Cement Plaster (1:4) 20mm thick
Up to Plinth level 2 13.85 0.6 16.62m3
Above to plinth level 2 13.75 3 82.50m2
total 99.12m2
7 Whitewash As per item No6 99.12m3



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