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Different Types of Bricks Utilized In Constructions

Different Types of Bricks Utilized In Constructions

Hi Civil Engineers! These days i used to be during a work and met many young helpers United Nations agency were simply getting down to add the sector. several of them already knew “something” of construction, however others failed to even apprehend the essential materials. However, all of them had a large need to be told. Therefore, these days i’ll share info concerning the various forms of bricks utilized in construction.

Different Types of Bricks Utilized In Constructions

What is brick

Bricks area unit the foremost ordinarily artefact used for the development of wall, columns, roofs, floor, paving etc.

Brick is that the unit with that the wall area unit raised and serve to lighten the load of the ceiling. within the middle there area unit bricks of various materials: concrete, silicon, calcareous, etc., however the foremost used for a house area unit clay. These area unit obtained by molding, drying and change of state at high temperatures of a clay paste. Its measures area unit various and area unit factory-made during a size that enables them to be handled with one hand. the scale of a brick rely on the place wherever they’ll be placed (walls, ceilings, etc.).

Different Types of Bricks

Types of Bricks by Raw Materials
Common Burnt Clay Bricks
Sand Lime Bricks (Calcium salt Bricks)
Engineering Bricks
Concrete Bricks
Fly ash Clay Bricks

Classifications of Bricks

First Class Brick

Water absorption price 2 hundredth
Well burnt, swish surface.
Minimum compressive stress ten.5 mn/m3.

Second category Brick

Water absorption price twenty second
Slightly over burnt, rough surface.
Minimum compressive stress seven mn/m3.

Third category Brick

Water absorption price pure gold
Not properly burns, irregular form.
Minimum compressive stress three.5 mn/m3.

Know a lot of concerning Materials use in construction work, stick with United States.

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