Land Surveying

Classifications of Land Surveying

Classifications of Land Surveying

Based on the aim (for that Land Surveying is being conducted), surveying has been classified into:

Classifications of Land Surveying

Control Surveying 

To establish horizontal and vertical positions of management points.

Land Surveying

To determine the boundaries and areas of parcels of land, additionally referred to as property survey, boundary survey or registry survey.

Topographic Survey 

To prepare a plan/ map of a vicinity which has natural furthermore as and artificial options together with elevation.

Engineering Survey

To collect requisite knowledge for designing, style and execution of Engineering comes. 3 broad steps ar

1) Reconnaissance Mission Survey : To explore website conditions and availableness of infrastructures.

2) Preliminary Survey : To gather adequate knowledge to organize arrange / map of space to be used for designing and style.

3) Location Survey : To line out work on the bottom for actual construction / execution of the project.

Route Survey :

To plan, design, and birthing out of route like highways, railways, canals, pipelines, and alternative linear comes.

Construction Surveys :

Surveys that ar needed for institution of points, lines, grades, and for staking out engineering works (after the plans are ready and also the structural style has been done).

Astronomic Surveys :

To determine the latitude, line of longitude (of the observation station) and angle (of a line through observation station) from astronomical observation.

Mine Surveys :

To carry out surveying specific for opencut and underground mining functions.

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