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Question 1 Concrete contains

( i ) Siliceous aggregates. having higher coefficient of expansion

(ii) Igneous aggregates. having intermediate coefficient of expansion

(iii) Lime stones. having lowest coefficient of expansion
( A ) i and iii

( B ) ii and iii

( C ) i and ii

( D ) ii and iii

Answer : D

Select the incorrect statement

( A )   R.C.0 has better fire resistan. than steel

( B )   R.C.C. structure is economical than steel structure

( C )  Strength of concrete decreases as age increases

( D )  R.C.0 can be used for under water and marine structures

Answer : C

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Water cement ratio is the ratio of

( A ) Water to cement by weight

(B)  Water to cement by volume

( C ) Cement to water by weight )

( D) Cement to water by volume

Answer : A

Concrete is

( A )   Weak in tension

( B )   Strong in tension

( C )   Strong in both tension and compression

( D )  Weak in compression

Answer : A

The Entrained air in concrete

[ A ] Increases the strength

[ B ] Decreases the resistance to weathering

[ C ] Increases the workability

( D) Decreases the workability

Answer : C

Concrete is unsuitable for compaction by vibration if it is

[ A ] Semi — plastic

[ B ] Plastic

[ C ] Earth moist D DrY

Answer : B

In order to avoid segregation. fresh concrete should be dropped from a height of

[ A ] Less than one meter

[ B ] Less than two meter

[ C ] More than one meter

[ D ] More than two meter

Answer : A

The process of keeping the concrete structure moist is called

[ A ] Hydration

[ B ] Curing

[ C ] Creep

[ D ] Shrinkage

Answer : B

The continuous strain. which the concrete undergoes due to application of external loads is called

[ A ] Creep

[ B ] Bleeding

[ C ] Workability

[ D ] Segregation

Answer : A

The process. of conversion of plastic concrete to solid stage is

[ A ] Hydration

(B) Hardening

[ C ] Setting

[ D ] Curing

Answer : C

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At 28 days of curing concrete attains a strength of

( A ) 20 to 25%

( B ) 60 to 70%

( C ) 65 to 80%

( D ) 90 to 95%

Answer : D

The coarse. aggregate which posse. the property of good interlocking are

( A ) rounded shape

( B ) elongated shape

( C ) angular shape

( D ) none of the above

Answer : C

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