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Calculate The Quantity of Asphalt for Road

How to Calculate The Quantity of Asphalt for Road Work

The color of Asphalt is black it’s also called bitumen. It’s used for road roof coating and etc.

How to Calculate The Quantity of Asphalt for Road Work


Now We Calculate The Quantity Of Asphalt

Given Data.

Length of Road           =100m

Width of Road             = 15m

Thickness of Road       =150mm = 0.150m

Density of Asphalt      = 2330kg / cu.m

Volume of Asphalt      =L x W x Thickness

Volume of Asphalt      =100 x 15 x 0.15=225m3

The quantity of Asphalt in tons

The weight of Asphalt    = Volume of asphalt x density of asphalt

The weight of Asphalt   =225 x 2330=524250

Density                        =  Mass / Volume

The weight of Asphalt   =524250 / 1000 


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