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Calculate The Bar Bending Schedule For Plinth Beam

Bar Bending Schedule For Plinth Beam |Calculate The Bar Bending Schedule For Plinth Beam

Calculate The Bar Bending Schedule For Plinth Beam

In this topic, I will discuss how to calculate the bar bending schedule for the plinth beam |Calculate The Bar Bending Schedule For Plinth Beam |what is the plinth beam.

What is the Plinth Beam.?

A plinth beam is a beam that is constructed between the foundation and wall. the main purpose of providing the plinth beam is to prevent the extend the crack between the foundation and the wall.

Calculate The Bar Bending Schedule For Plinth Beam

Given data

Beam clear span=2500mm=2.5m

Length of beam =300mm=0.300m

Width of beam =380mm=0.380m

Number of main bar=4 No’s

Diameter of main bar =16mm

Diameter of stirrups=8mm

Spacing of stirrups=150mm

Concrete cover=25mm


Main bar  diameter=16mm

Cutting length of main bar= clearspan+2 x Ld- 2bends 90 degree


2bends 90degree= 2bends bothe side  and 90dgree bends =2d

Cutting length of main bar=2500+(2x40d)-2x2d

Cutting length of main bar=2500+(2x40x16)-(2x2x16)

Cutting length of main bar=2500+1280-64=3716mm=3.716m

Number of bar= 4No’s

The total length of the main bar = length of one bar x number of bar

Total length of main bar =3.716 x 4=14.864m

Weight of the main bar

Weight of main bar=d²/162.25x total length

Weight of main bar=(16)²/162.25x 14.864=23.45kg=24kg


Cutting length of stirrups= 2 x (length +width)+2x hook length -3x 90 degree bends -2 x 135degree bends

90 degree bends=2d

135 degree bends =3d

Hook length =10d

Cutting length of stirrups=2x(250+330)+2x10x8-(3x2x8)-(2x3x8)

Cutting length of stirrups=1160+160-48-48=1244mm=1.224m

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Number of Stirrups

Number of Stirrups=clear span of beam /spacing +1

Number of Stirrups=2500/150+1=17.67=18No’s

The total length of stirrups=Length of one stirrup x number of stirrups

Total length of stirrups=1.224 x 18=22.032m

Weight of Stirrups

Weight of Stirrups=d2/162.25 x total length

Weight of Stirrups=(8)2/162.25 x 22.032=8.69=9kg

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