Bar Bending Schedle

Calculate Bar Bending Schedule For Lintel Beam

Calculate Bar Bending Schedule For Lintel Beam |BBS For Lintel Beam

Calculate Bar Bending Schedule For Lintel Beam

In this article, I explain the bar bending schedule of the lintel beam. The purpose of the BBS is to calculate the complete detail of Reinforcements which is used in a lintel beam or any foundation or any other column and beam. Calculate Bar Bending Schedule For Lintel Beam

Purpose of Beam

The basic purpose of the beam is to support of the load.

Given data

Length of lintel beam =3.200m

Width of lintel beam=0.450m

Depth of lintel beam=0.450m

Diameter of straight bar=16mm

Numbers of straight bar=4

Diameter of rectangular strips =10mm

Spacing of strips c/c=200mm

Concrete cover bottom and top=25mm

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Length of Straight Bar Dia 16mm

Length of straight bar= total length of lintel beam-2 concrete cover

Length of straight bar=3.200-2(0.25)

Length of straight bar=3.200-50=3.150m

The total length of a straight bar= length of one bar x numbers of a straight bar

Total length of straight bar=3.150 x 4 =12.600m

Weight of straight Bar

Weight of straight bar=d²/162xtotal length of a straight bar

Weight of straight bar=(16)²/162 x 12.600

Weight of straight bar=256/162 x 12.600

Weight of straight bar=19.911kg=20kg

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Cutting Length of Strips Dia 10mm

Width of lintel beam =0.450m

Depth of lintel beam=0.450m

Cutting length of strips =2 (width of beam + length of beam) -2concrete cover+2bend

Cutting length of strips =2(450+450)-2(25)+2(9d)

Cutting length of strips =2(900)-50+2(9×10)

Cutting length of strips =1800-50+180=1930=1.930m

Numbers of strips

Numbers of strips=total length / spacing +1

Numbers of strips=3200/200+1=17nos

The Total length of strips=length of one strips x numbers of strips

Total length of strips=1.930 x 11=21.23m

Weight of strips

Weight of strips=d²/162 x total length

Weight of strips= (10)²/162×21.23

Weight of strips= 100/162 x 21.23 =13.10kg=14kg

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