Bar Bending Schedle

Bar Bending Schedule for Reinforcement Beam

Bar Bending Schedule for Reinforced Concrete Beam

Bar bending schedule provides the RCC Calculation for reinforced concrete beam. It provides details of the reinforcement cutting length, type of bends & bend length. We will take 1 example for reinforcement QTY calculations for a Concrete Beam.

Bar Bending Schedule for Reinforced Concrete Beam

Example of the Beam Reinforcement Calculation.


Consider a beam of clear length of 4-m, 300-mm wide by 450-mm depth. It consists of 2-12 diameter bars at top, & 2-16 diameter & 1 – 12 diameter bars at the bottom. Diameter of stirrup is 8-mm spaced at 180-mm center to center. Clear cover to reinforcement provided is 40-mm.

Bar Bending Schedule for RCC Beam

Now we will calculate the length of the reinforcement based on shapes of the reinforcement required for reinforced concrete beam in above example. We will start with bottom reinforcement, B-1. Bar shape of B-1 is as shown below.

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Bar Bending Schedule for RCC Slab With Complete Details


Length of B-1 = Clear distance between walls + two x width of walls – two x bar cover + two x bend length Bend length = Six x 16 = 96 consider as 100-mm Bend length is calculated as 6 x diameter of the bar for reinforcement conforming to IS: 1786 -1961 Length of B-1 = 4000 + two x 230 – two x 40 + 2 x100 = 4580-mm Length of bar B-2 is calculated based on the shape of this bar. This bar bends up near the support as shown below.

Length of bar B-2: A + B + C = 4000 + two x 230 – two x 40 + (1.414xH – H) H = 450 – two x 40 – two x 12 – two x 12/2 = 334-mm B-2 = 4000 + 2 x 230 – two x 40 + (1.414 x 334 – 334) = 4518.3 = 4520-mm Length of the Bar T-1 = 4000 + two x 230 – two x 40 = 4380-mm Length of Stirrups S-1:

shear stirrups

Stirrups are spaced at 180-mm C/C . Stirrups are provided between walls or support for the beam. No. of stirrups required for given beam = No. of Stirrups Length a = 450 – two  x 40 – 8 = 362-mm Length b = 300 – two x 40 – 8 = 212-mm Therefore, length of one stirrup S1 = two x ( 212 + 362 + 90 ) = 1328-mm Where 90-mm is the minimum hook length as per IS 2502 – Table – II.

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Basic Components of Road Work Structure

Bar Bending Schedule for R.C.C Beam



Bar Mark

Bar dia (mm)

No. of bars

Length (mm)

Weight of bars (kg)

Bar Shape







Bar Bending Shape of RCC Beam







Bar Bending Shape of RCC Beam







Bar Bending Shape of RCC Beam







Bar Bending Shape of RCC Beam



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