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Abbreviations used in Quantity Survey

Abbreviations used in Quantity Surveying

Abbreviations Used In Quantity Surveying

Quantity Surveyors Use Some specific terms as a short abbreviation that are mentioned in the drawings used for the Construction Purposes. The abbreviations used provides a relevant reference to all the QTY Surveyors working in the field. 
Quantity Surveyors Uses Some Standard abbreviations while preparing bill of QTY ( B.O.Q ). If u are doing degree in Civil Engineering or any course in Land Surveying field u must have good knowledge of these abbreviations used in the Civil field.
Abbreviations Used In Quantity Surveying

General Abbreviations in Quantity Surveying  are,


a.b                           As before

a.b.d.                       As before described

a.b.s.                        As before specified

a.m.e.                      Bill, measure and extend

b.i.                           Build in

CL                            Center line

c.p                          Chromium plated

cts                          Centers

ddt                         Deduct

descd.                    Described

dia.                        Diameter

dim./dimsd           Dimension ed

dis                          Distance

ditto./do                As before

d.p.c.                     Damp proof course

drg./dwg.             Drawing

E.o.                       Extra over

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ex                         Extra/out of

f/c                        Final cost

F.F.L.                     Finished floor level

F.L.                       Floor level

f.s.                        Finished size

ftgs                       Footings

galvd                    Galvanized

G.F.A.                    Gross floor area

G.L.                       Ground level

GPO                      General purpose outlet

HDUPVC              Heavy duty unplasticised polyvinyl chloride

HE                       Fitment hook and allowance

I.L                        Invert level

In-situ                 In position

O.T.R.                  Other than rock

P.C.                      Prime cost

P.C.A.                   Plumb cut allowance

p.v.a.                    Polyvinyl acetate

p.v.c.                    Polyvinyl chloride

rebar                   Bar reinforcement

R.L                      Reduced level

R.O.Z.C.               Red Oxide Zinc Chromatic

SMM                   Standard method of measurement

Specfn                 Specification

t.c                        Terr-action

T&G                    Tongue and Groove

UPVC                   Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride

v.c.                      Vitrified clay

xtg.                     Existing

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